Meet the Totnes Map Competition Winners!

Far Far Away in A Town Called Totnes

Many Congratulations to Amelie Aldous for her superbly detailed and imaginative map of Totnes. She has won first prize in the Fantastical Category 7-11 yr olds.

Totnes Metro Map 2045

Another winner is Twm Edwards and his Metro Map of Totnes 2045 - his map wins the Futuristic category for 7-11’s

Ancient Totnes

sara Bushnak.png
Sara Bushnak’s wonderful 3D model of ancient Totnes is the winner of the Historical category for 7-11’s

The Future of Totnes

 Congratulations Dylan Bowley,
Your witty, clever map won the Fantastical category for 12-16 yr olds

The Roots of Totnes

Roots of Totnes.png
Congratulations Eva! The judges loved your imaginative beautiful 3D map of Totnes. You’ve won the Historical category for 12-16 yr olds

Totnes Map of the Future

Congratulations Anna
Another winner in the 12-16 yr old category, is Anna. This thoughtful clever vision of a future Totnes, is where the judges would like to live.

Fantastical Creatures Living at the Top of Town

Heidi Strawson and Pearluna have won the cross-generational Fantastical category - Congratulations!

Is This the Future?

Our first Highly Commended Award is Darcy Strachan’s incredible dystopian Future Totnes. Congratulations, it’s brilliant

Totnes Is A Castle

hannah el-kadhi.png
Congratulations  Hannah el-Khadi, you’ve won a Highly Commended Award for your beautiful 3D castle

The Protective Roots and Trees of Totnes

A Highly Commended Award goes to the Kool club for their fantastic tree map of Totnes

A Mind Map of Totnes

Congratulations Tess Joyce on winning Highly Commended with your wonderful Mind Map

An Animated Totnes High Street

Donna Wiscome animation.png
Congratulations Donna Wiscombe
On winning a Highly Commended Award for your original and beautiful animated tribute to Totnes High St