The Floor Map


Church Restoration

The map will be roughly 15 sq meters and display the whole of the conservation area of Totnes.  There will be a spine of the High St, Fore St and Bridgetown road over the river, crossed at the top by the castle and the famous Leech Wells, with St Mary’s as a central focus.  The map is drawn by local artist Anna Ventura, with every building depicted in exquisite detail.  

We wanted it to be more than just a map of the physical town. We wanted it to be also a snapshot of Totnes in 2019, so we have included stories and characters that local residents will recognise.  We have local butcher Christopher McCabe battering his way out of his freezer with a black pudding, the XR rebellion lying down in the Market Place, the Totnes seal swimming around the ferry from Dartmouth, and the Bridgetown safari highlighted.  Anna will be hiding some of her favourite birds, crows, around the map for children to find and seagulls will be making an appearance as they do without fail every morning.

We also wanted to make the map something a little out of the ordinary. Maps are often just records of a place, but in medieval times when St Mary’s was first built, they were often illustrated with pictures of pilgrims and bystanders. They were artistic endeavours as well as a straightforward record of actual place.  To celebrate and update this idea, artist Claudia Schmid has created a border for the map, with some of her unique and beautiful creatures as if they were on a journey to Totnes themselves, illustrating the behind the scenes story common to every ancient place.  Matt Harvey, the celebrated Totnes poet, has composed a poem for the map. The project is a complex piece of art that celebrates Totnes 2019 and the fabulous church in which it will lie for many years to come.


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