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The floor map and church restoration

The Totnes Map sits in the north aisle of St Mary's Church. It measures 15 sq meters and displays the whole of the conservation area of Totnes, with St Mary’s as a central focus. The project is a complex piece of art that celebrates Totnes and the fabulous church in which it will lie for many years to come.

But this church is in need of our help. It has sat at the heart of Totnes for 550 years, its blood-red tower peeking up from every viewpoint. But this beloved building is now on the Heritage At Risk register, with dozens of repairs needed to keep it from closing its doors. The Totnes Heritage Trust was set up to oversee this huge project, which involves not just restoring it to its former glory, but reimagining what it can offer to our community in the 21st century - as a sacred place and as a community hub and arts and performance space.


As of April 2021, the urgent external works are complete and the building is watertight at last. We are now fundraising to transform the inside of the church into a warm and welcoming space that can better serve the people of Totnes. If you would like to help us breathe new life into St Mary’s, you can learn more and donate at


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