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Creative visions of Totnes

In 2019, Totnes Heritage Trust commissioned an enormous map of Totnes which is now on the floor of St Mary’s Church. Drawn by local artist Anna Ventura, it is more than just a representation of the physical town - it is also a snapshot of Totnes, with stories and characters that local residents will recognise. 

You can find local butcher Christopher McCabe battering his way out of his freezer with a black pudding, the XR rebellion lying down in the Civic Square, the Totnes seal swimming around the ferry from Dartmouth, and not forgetting the creatures of the Bridgetown Safari.

Illustrator Claudia Schmid's border features her unique and beautiful creatures as if they were on a journey to this ancient town, and celebrated Totnes poet Matt Harvey wrote a poem to go alongside. This celebrates Totnes and the fabulous church in which the map will lie for many years to come. You can read the poem and hear Matt recite it here.

This website was created to discover new visions of Totnes. In 2019, Totnes Heritage Trust ran a competition for people's own versions of a Totnes Map. In 2021, we launched a creative writing competition based on the characters and features of map. Click here for the list of winners and runners up and stay tuned for more information on when these stories will be available to read!

Please enjoy this website, which is a celebration of Totnes, and of St Mary's Church.

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