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Presents a creative competition

Winners have been selected!

Awards Ceremony Saturday 11 January 2020
at St. Mary's Church, Totnes 11AM
We have WINNERS!
The judging was incredibly hard - the skill, ingenuity, imagination and artistry of the entries was so high that it took the judges much longer than anticipated.... Those who have won will be contacted shortly and everyone else watch this space please for further announcements.
Click Here to See the Winning Submissions

Totnes Maps – new ways of seeing

St Mary’s Totnes Heritage Trust are in the process of creating an enormous map of Totnes to be inserted into the floor of the church of St Mary’s as part of its restoration programme. 


The map, drawn by local artist Anna Ventura, is more than just a map of the physical town. It is also a snapshot of Totnes in 2019, with stories and characters that local residents will recognise. 

Claudia Schmid has created a border for the map, with some of her unique and beautiful creatures as if they were on a journey to Totnes themselves, illustrating the behind-the-scenes story common to every ancient place. 

Matt Harvey, the celebrated Totnes poet, has written a poem for the map. The poem celebrates Totnes 2019 and the fabulous church in which it will lie for many years to come. 

You can read the poem and hear Matt recite it here.

However this website's principal role is to discover new visions of Totnes.

We hope you will be inspired by the images you see here and turn your creative energies loose on producing your own vision of Totnes – past, present, future or fantasy – by entering your artwork into the Map Competition.

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